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Dedicated to Progress in English Learner Proficiency Growth

Dedicated to Progress in English Learner Proficiency Growth

Dedicated to Progress in English Learner Proficiency GrowthDedicated to Progress in English Learner Proficiency Growth



Complimentary consultation

Contact us for a complimentary consultation about how we can support your teachers, school and/or district to improve the teaching and learning for your English learners! 

Workshops and Professional development

Please join us for our next workshop in your area. My team and I have put together a powerful training for you. We will include a book, Show, Tell, Build that will transform your curriculum for your English learners.

Our workshops are designed for K-12 content teachers who have English learners at all proficiency levels as their student.


We provide coaching as part of our program and also ongoing support through social media. Our coaching is constructed upon the framework of Hope theory. 

Constructing Content

Curriculum for WIDA Proficiency Levels 

Committed to Collaborative Co-educating English Learners!


Our Partner


I am honored to partner with Dr. Donita Grissom and Elanco.PD. 


Donita is highly skilled and experienced in assisting teachers to gain knowledge and expertise in teaching English learners, nationally and internationally. 


She has captured the quality of the tools and techniques in Show, Tell, Build and coupled with her tricks n' tips (TNT), teachers leave her workshops equipped with valuable, relevant ways to immediately help English learners raise their English proficiency levels. 


If you teach English learners, you will not want to miss Donita's next workshop. Plus, you will leave with a copy of Show, Tell, Build as a gift from Elanco.PD, the book that everyone who teaches English learners needs.


Dr. Joyce Nutta